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About Us

Métier ('me-tē-yā): a skill, requiring artistry; a person’s area of expertise; one’s craft.

By definition, if you find your métier in this life, then you have found your true calling. Aristotle said that the purpose of a knife is to cut, likewise for a rose to bloom, a candle to bare light. If you find your purpose, the craft at which you most excel, that is your métier.

Le Métier de Beauté, the craft of beauty, was founded on these principles. To gather a consortium of artists and craftsmen that excel in the creation of singular pieces of beautifully refined makeup and skincare, a celebration of everything that is desirable in this realm. Passionate attention to detail and performance, textures and formulas, as well as elegance and aesthetics. In short, the best of the best.

This is our Métier.

Creative Team

Mikey Castillo - Creative Color Director

Ivan Castro - R&D Director