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Sharpener Le Deux

Sharpener Le Deux

Stainless Steel

Featuring a beautiful Red and Black lacquer design (to easily locate in your purse), the double barrel, stainless steel sharpener keeps your pencils in their finest and sharpest state. In addition to keeping your eye pencils pointy and perfect, it is also ideal for thinly shaving off any old product; essentially refreshing the pencil and discarding bacteria and germs every time you sharpen it.

The beautiful red lacquer cap collects the shavings to keep things tidy and contained (ideal for travel). The double barrel accommodates both skinny and chubby pencils and sharpens to a fine point.

  • Professional-grade
  • Accommodates different-sized pencils
  • Removable lid
  • Easy to clean
  • Sharpens to a very fine point
Made in Germany