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Longevity Serum Makeup Primer
Longevity Serum Makeup Primer

Longevity Serum Makeup Primer

Can be worn alone for a luminous glow

A luminous foundation primer that also acts as an antioxidant facial serum, increasing the longevity of your makeup.

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Powered by 1% Resveratrol, (a powerful anti-inflammatory polyphenol compound), this radiant primer/serum can boost brightening and help to reduce redness whilst optimizing the longevity of foundational makeup products such as tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation, concealer or face powder. Designed to impart a beautiful and luminous glow to the skin on contact, the primer cushions the skin with soft-focus ingredients that instantly diminish the appearance of imperfections, filling in the tiny network of pores and fine lines to prepare the skin for your favorite makeup.

Whether you wear it under foundation or just by itself, the impressive combination of Resveratrol, Vitamin E and Chamomile all conspicuously conspire to leave the skin looking incandescent, polished and radiant.

Made in the USA
  • Increases the longevity of your foundation by arresting oxidation
  • Creates a glowing and luminous skin surface
  • Contains 1% Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant
  • The smooth finish creates an ideal canvas for foundation

Apply to clean skin before applying makeup; can also be worn alone for a luminous glow.