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Neck & Décolleté Firming Crème
Neck & Décolleté Firming Crème

Neck & Décolleté Firming Crème

Reverse the visible signs of aging

The Neck & Décolleté Firming Crème helps to strengthen and redefine the delicate network of fine lines and loosened skin in the neck and décolleté area, to increase cellular rejuvenation and stimulate collagen production. This impetus puts into play a chain reaction of reversing the visible signs of aging. Indulge your skin!

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Efficacy-based ingredients such as Acetyl Dipeptide-1, a double linked amino acid ester that helps to disrupt the nerve signals that cause the epidermis to contract in order to mitigate the wrinkling and folds in the skin. Retinol, a powerful form of Vitamin A that improves the texture and smoothness of the skin, hastens the turnover of damaged cells and increases collagen proteins. And most notably renowned for its anti-aging properties, L-Carnosine, promotes the lifting, firming, tightening and brightening of the skin's surface, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, visible sun damage and reducing sagging. With continued use, spots are swayed into diminishment, the skin is persuaded to restoration and buoyancy, and a satiny radiance ensues.

Made in the USA
  • Contains Vital ET to safely deliver Retinol to help diminish wrinkles without creating dryness
  • Contains L-Carnosine to aid in jowl support and the tightening of loosened skin fibers
  • Contains Acetyl Dipeptide-1 to interfere with the forming of wrinkle lines
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Retexturizes skin surface
Strengthen & Rejuvenate

Apply a quarter-sized amount the Neck & Firming Décolleté Crème to clean skin, morning and evening. Using gentle massage motions, working toward the back of the neck. For additional anti-aging benefits, apply to the back of the hands before applying hand cream.