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As evident from its name, the function of a concealer is to conceal. However, a concealer of superior quality invariably has to achieve two separate functions to be worthy of the name:

Number 1: Cover.

Number 2: Not reveal itself.



In many instances we find products on the market that achieve only one or the other. If a concealer does an amazing job of utterly camouflaging a blemish or a discoloration but then leaves a visibly dry texture on the skin, is the said blemish actually concealed? Or is it only providing a neon sign that indicates to the observer to look at this suspicious area with even more scrutiny? As it happens, it would appear that this matter is still up for debate as there are decidedly quite a few examples of people wearing spotty concealer that can be detected from across a distance of Yankee Stadium. Nonetheless, I would argue that if a concealed area of the skin appears like you’re wearing a tiny spoonful of flesh toned peanut butter, I would suggest no, this is not working (or werking, as the kids say).


Georgie wears Peau Vierge Concealer in Shade 3.


In the past, if I had to choose between seeing visible concealer on the skin’s surface or opting for a scrubbed face, without hesitation I would likely select the latter and refocus the attention elsewhere, such as creating a beautiful eyeshadow look or a perfect pout. If it was necessary to use concealer, the ideal technique would be to simply diminish or blur the discoloration rather than attempting to bury it utterly beneath a conspicuous amount of pigment. It’s always important to be aware that others only notice our flaws when we point them out. Otherwise, people outside of ourselves are far too busy thinking about their own flaws, what they’re having for lunch, or any number of things to notice our “blemish”. There are a lot of moving parts to the human face, but we largely do not pick them apart on others the way we do ourselves. We see the faces of other people as a total sum, rather than just their mouth, eyes, or ears.


A flawless finish. Renee wears  Peau Vierge Concealer in Shade 0.


Having lived the life of a makeup artist for the last 30 years, there is a common client request that tends to pop up with hardly any varying, regardless of situation, client age or circumstance. The request resounds in the echo chamber of my dreams like a ceaseless litany: “I want to look natural”.

However, possessing only the experience that life has taught me, I interpret this request as: I want to look completely flawless, but also like I have no makeup on!


The pursuit of fulfilling this request has brought us to this moment! Le Métier de Beauté proudly presents:

The Peau Vierge Concealer!

The essence of the concealer is decidedly devoid of texture, and it is able to deliver the beautiful fantasy of full coverage without appearing like you’re wearing makeup! We decided to use an open jar format (instead of the former stick variety) to allow more access to the product because the new formula can be used in either the traditional concealer method of placing in precise areas, or utilized across the entire complexion as a flawless, full coverage foundation.

The finish is luminous like a luxurious balm rather than the more typical matte finish of a concealer, allowing the product to look more like skin.


The Shades

Available in 6 universally flattering shades.


The Peau Vierge Concealer is a formidable concealing product with curiously intense coverage power. In the past, concealers that would feel dry in texture or matte in appearance would be considered more effective in covering. This has always been true, but alas, dryness and flat texture is not what most people desire in their eye area! Hence, the creation of the Peau Vierge Concealer which wields a luminous finish with a balm-like texture. Because of the supple and hydrating appearance of this product, it is excellent as a complete coverage foundation for the entire complexion.


Application Methods

(How using different brushes creates a different finish)

Tatyana applies the Peau Vierge Concealer in Shade 5 with the LMdB Concealer Brush.


With each method bearing its own unique merits, there are only three techniques with which to properly employ the practical applications of any concealer product. Relying upon the user’s preference, of course, they are: brush application, fingers as applicator, or a cosmetic sponge/beauty blender. In the case of our Peau Vierge Concealer, we engineered two specific brushes to achieve two different goals. Let’s begin with the brush that references the same objective:


The Concealer Brush (by Le Métier de Beauté)

The angled shape of the brush tip features a perfectly measured slope to spread concealer quickly and evenly, allowing for an efficient and ergonomic application.


Created for traditional spot concealing, it’s all in the name. The Concealer Brush applies the selected product specifically to cover a small area with maximum pigment opacity. The density of the short bristles pack and amplify coverage into a small and precise area for traditional concealing in spot areas. It is not designed for diffusing and spreading, but rather for pulling pigment together for high intensity, pin-point coverage.

Shop the Concealer Brush


The Peau Vierge Brush (by Le Métier de Beauté)

The angled shape makes it easier to reach the inner corners of the eyes & nose, as well as the bridge of the eye-bone & jawline.


In contrast to the Concealer Brush, which packs coverage into maximum opacity, the Peau Vierge Brush is designed to create a natural appearance that looks like naked skin. The bristles quickly break down our luminous concealer pigment and easily diffuse the coverage across the complexion for a swift and effortless look that appears mind-blowingly flawless, but still natural and radiant. Although the Peau Vierge Brush is sized as a full face foundation brush, the bristles still fit nicely into the face of the open jar of the Peau Vierge Concealer. We recommend applying the product directly to the skin from the component, making application a breeze.

Shop the Peau Vierge Foundation Brush


As the Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Tinted Complexe is the cornerstone of the Le Métier de Beauté luminous look, our artists always apply this product first, even when we use a full coverage foundation on top. This further enhances the glow of the product for a stunning appearance. When you try this technique, the results will speak on their own behalf! 😊


Mikey Castillo


Creative Director, Le Métier de Beauté



I just started using this concealer and let me tell you ladies, this product is BEYOND amazing! I start by using PV serum first, and then followup with this concealer, and that’s it! Face done! This is so smooth and creamy, it just glides on with the LMDB face brush, my fav for using any cream product for the face. I just can’t stop at under-eye circles, I’m compelled by the formula to take it down to my cheeks and then just finish up by using what’s leftover on my forehead and chin, and le voila, your done! I’ve wound up just using this as my foundation, a little bit goes a long way with this beautiful concealer!


This concealer is like BUTTAH! Sinks right into the skin but covers and feels so comfortable! No dragging and eliminates my pesky redness from rosacea so my skin looks practically flawless! I’m probably going to purchase a slightly deeper shade and try it as a full face foundation for nighttime glamour!! Love!

Donna McDowell

Hi Mikey!

It’s Your friend Donna in Dallas! I’m so excited to get this product! After 45+ years in our industry, I’m in need of some heavy duty concealing! But of course I want to look natural!

If anyone can make that happen, it’s you!

I can’t wait to get my new concealer!!

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