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Brush With Genius

Brush With Genius

The perfect Gift: The diamond parure of luxury cosmetic brushes

This special value set is not eligible for an additional discount.

Set includes:
Peau Vierge Foundation Brush

The Peau Vierge Brush features an innovative design to effortlessly apply your foundation.

Fashioned in Japan, the luxuriously soft, Vegan bristles impart fastidious product pickup and flawless application. The shortened, ergonomic handle and the uniquely slanted edge design feature a densely packed cushion of fibers to comfort the skin as they smooth, blend and contour your foundation, creating a veil of seamless coverage throughout.

Concealer Brush

Created in the ancient city of Kumano, Japan, where skilled and legendary craftsmen having been fashioning the highest quality brushes for centuries, we proudly present The Concealer Brush. The design is unique. The function is universal. The performance is exquisite.

The Vegan bristles are so incredibly soft that the brush is able to seamlessly blend concealer (creams, liquids and powders), while keeping the opacity required to cover darkness. The angled shape of the brush tip features a perfectly measured slope to spread concealer quickly and evenly, allowing a fast and comfortable application in all the ergonomic corners of the face, fitting perfectly under the eye for creaseless concealing and highlighting. The comprehensive bristle-density provides full coverage and gives the concealer an airbrushed finish.

Le Cushette Eyeshadow Brush

Our exclusively designed Le Cushette Brush features a unique cut and combination of fibers to apply eyeshadow like an expert. The pristine and silky-soft Vegan bristles are finely tapered from base to tip and pressed very tightly to deposit color with precision. The tightness of the brush allows the placement of the shadows to effervesce through each layer without cloudiness, easily and instantly framing the beauty of the eyes.

Much like the Cushette Diamond, which is cut to more exacting standards for polish and symmetry, the arrangement of the tightly refined Vegan bristles are able to produce a much brighter result with each placement of color on the eyelid.

This unique cut works well for diffusing and pulling color outward from an area with greater precision than traditional, fluffy eyeshadow brushes that clumsily create an explosion of color around the eye area and onto the eyelashes.

Peau Vierge Foundation Brush

After skincare and primer, pour a small amount of foundation onto the back of your hand and dip the bristles of the Peau Vierge Brush into the foundation. Begin in the center of the face, smoothing the product outwards using a gentle buffing motion. Maneuver the contoured edge of the brush around the tiny corners and edges of the nose as well as above and beneath the eyes.

Concealer Brush

Dip into desired makeup product and transfer to skin using a gentle tapping motion. Utilize the angle of the brush to smooth product until seamlessly blended.

Le Cushette

Pack brush with selected powder (or cream product) and apply to intended area.

Made in Japan