Frequent Travel

Frequent travelers experience change in their skin due to changes in their environments.  Le Metier de Beaute’s Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo’s are a great way to instantly reduce puffiness or dark circles.  The Glow10AI Mask will restore any lost hydration back into the skin.

Sun Exposure

Le Metier de Beaute Vital ET Recovery Boost Face and Body Serums and the Glow10AI Mask give great soothing for irritation after exposure to the sun.

Extreme Temperatures

Whether your daily life includes extreme temperatures or you travel to exotic places; you experience a change in your skin that is not always comfortable. Le Metier de Beaute’s Ultimate Hydrator combats dryness in the skin from cold weather exposure.  Sun exposure in low temperatures can be damaging to skin, so don’t forget the Replenishing Daily Solution.


Be sure to utilize Vital ET Face and Body Serums to combat and soothe any razor burn or irritation from shaving. Splash your skin with Daily Refresh Tonic for an "after shave" refreshing feeling and to clear out any residue left behind.  One application diminishes the appearance of pores.