All our products are designed to work synergistically together. When used as a regimen your skin will achieve optimal results. When integrated with other brands products, our patented delivery system TPM® acts like the engine of a train guiding and carrying ALL ingredients into the skin.
First and foremost, never use an every day moisturizer on any of these areas, especially the neck area. The skin tissue is thinner, and there are no hair follicles or oil glands to naturally drain away the heavier oils contained in every day moisturizers. These oils set into the neck tissue, weighing it down and eventually lead to the unpleasant red bands/red rings around the neck. In addition, every woman’s neck tissue is connected to the breast tissue by ligaments. These ligaments are constantly being pulled down by gravity adding additional stress on the neck tissue.
Most of our clients say they can start to feel a difference in skin texture after the first use, but 7 days is when we guarantee they will start to visibly see improvement.
Le Métier de Beauté does NOT test any products on animals.
The TPM® patented delivery system reduces inflammation and irritation which minimizes the risk of a reaction, but individual allergic reactions may vary.
Never rub or drag across the skin. By patting it into the skin with your fingertips, you ensure greater absorption of our ingredients.
All skincare products once exposed to oxygen begin an oxidizing process that makes the creams "liquefy". These products will still present results but their ingredients are not as effective. It is important to keep your products closed as tight as possible when not in use.
Using sunscreen throughout your life will help prevent the signs of aging, but around the age of 29 is when you want to convert your "prevention" products to "repair and prevent" skincare products.
Each individual product can vary on shelf-life. Exposure to oxygen and temperature variance is very important when preserving your products. Keep products at room temperature to ensure the best effectiveness.
No, we do not add fragrance. There is only the natural scent of vitamins and minerals present in our products.
Products that contain a high concentration of retinol are not advised for use when pregnant.
Retinol is known to cause some irritation and abrasion when applied on the skin. Because of our TPM® patented delivery system, the retinol is absorbed deeper into the skin avoiding reactions you would see from other retinol products.
Le Métier de Beauté skincare line includes a variety of packaging designs. When it comes to applying our products to your skin, as little as possible is our recommendation. Our TPM® patented delivery system drives ingredients into the skin so effectively that you could wash off the residual product after 7 minutes and still achieve desired results.