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What Makes up Le Metier de Beaute

LMdB is obsessed with the client experience. We believe in our clients. We listen. We are always seeking new ways to approach formulations, products, packaging, marketing and retail.

LMdB is curious. We celebrate diversity, we seek ideas, we run into the fight. We face challenges every day and embrace failure as much as we celebrate our successes.

LMdB gets its hands dirty making its products. We are strongly independent. Master craftsmen, honing their skill, have defined luxury goods for centuries. We are the new masters of the beauty industry.

LMdB is an authority on skincare. Collaborating with the top researchers and medical doctors in dermatology, we work on groundbreaking ideas and execute result driven products.

LMdB believes in social responsibility. We do not test on animals, we test on humans (who also happen to work in our office). We give back to our communities in which we sell our products. We give back to the make up artist community and we give back to the skincare research community. We exist because you believe.

LMdB only hires the best and works with only the best. This is a prerequisite to being in our family. We love to teach. We love to learn. We are dynamic.

What is your shipping policy?

We offer free standard shipping on all orders of $40 and above.

What is your return policy?

We offer free returns on all orders.

Where do you ship to?

All US states and territories, all Canadian provinces and territories, and Mexico are available for shipments, including PO boxes. International shipping, other than to Canada and Mexico, is not available at this time.

Are samples of your products available?

During specific times of the year, samples will be included in your shipments. These are limited to one per order and at the discretion of LMdB.

Le Métier de Beauté offers a highly curated collection of color cosmetics, skincare and treatment products. From its inception, Le Métier de Beauté has delighted as a cult-favorite of makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts. From the coveted Precision Liquid Eyeliner to the scientifically advanced Peau Vierge Skincare and Treatment range, Le Métier de Beauté delivers quality, design and craftsmanship in every product.