Color Theory

At the genesis of all great art is the partnership of a concept and the determination of someone to execute that concept. Le Metier de Beaute's team of artists, developers and collaborators work collectively to theorize ideas, test those ideas and execute the ideas that pass our thorough vetting method. Everything at Le Metier de Beaute begins as a thought, an individual moment of cognition that requires a determined being to push it forward into a theory.

The root of our work is the belief that human beings are receptacles. Our ideas flow from outside influences through us and out to markets. Diverse ideas that create trends, inspire other artists, energize clients and spread color. Color is life!

But what really is color? What is it about color that brings us all joy? How does color play a relevant role in our lives?

We will answer these ever evolving questions over time by sharing our work, our inspiration, our ideas and the science behind how we perceive color and what makes a color, a color. We will do all of this in as visual a manner possible. We will use product, texture, lighting, photography, models, tones and anything else relevant to present our concepts to you.

Our theories are evolving, our ideas are evolving, the world is evolving, shouldn't your choices be evolving? Join our journey.