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L'aspetto di Georgie


Apply with fingers or a brush. Easily blend with either a tapping motion or a gentle swipe on cheek or lips. If using a brush, blend with a sweeping motion until the product melts into the skin.

Instead of attempting to draw a line, simply connect little dash-lines until the length of the eye is completed.

For Couches de Couleur, the proprietary eyeshadow technique of Le Métier de Beauté: Once the eyeshadow powder is packed on the bristles, reverse the brush upside down on the eyelid (where the tip of the brush is pointing towards the eyelashes), and begin to deposit the color along the base of the eye. It is important that the intensity of the color be strongest at the base, closest to the eyelashes. Once the color has been placed at the base along the eyelid, balanced from outer to inner corner, begin to drag the bristles upwards. The color should appear to be evaporating like a little cloud of smoke from bottom to top. Continue with subsequent shades in the same method, so that the colors begin to blur together, creating an illusion of depth and mystery.

Line the outside of the upper and lower lip to add volume and definition before additional lip color application.

Apply two drops of the Hydra-Plump Lip Serum over the entire lip area. For maximum absorption, gently spread the serum using the attached metal tip. May be worn alone or over any lip colour.

Apply directly and smooth the color along the contours of the lips. Use lip liner for more definition.