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Eyeliner Fashion: a source of ceaseless fascination

Eyeliner Fashion: a source of ceaseless fascination

Fashion. A two-syllable word that has been effectively distilling the mercurial in humans since time immemorial. As a matter of course, it is ephemeral, made to amuse and divert for a season (if not for a day). Nonetheless, fashion, like any other societal construct held fast by tradition and a perilous thread, has its few exceptions. Eyeliner. Whether it’s kohl, kajal, wood pencil, powder or liquid … fashion’s fleeting and fanciful nature turns a blind eye to weave a revealing pattern of certainty as reliable as the Farmer’s Almanac.

Eyeliner first burst on the scene around 10,000 B.C. in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and has been raging quietly ever since. In the interim, glorious empires, vast and ancient civilizations, entire forests of redwood trees and frozen artic glaciers have all risen and crumbled away. But throughout the ages, the everlasting and universal appeal of eyeliner has never waned!

To celebrate this fun fact, Le Métier de Beauté has proudly partnered with Gabrielle's Angel Foundation to create a velvety black and beautiful Liquid Eyeliner Pen! The inky black formula is the same as our uniquely iconic, Precision Liquid. What’s special is the outer pen design which honors the winged pattern and purple logo of the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation.

Here’s a little bit more about the Foundation:

Approximately every 3 minutes, one person in the US is diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma. Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation funds the best and brightest young scientists who are searching for better treatments, preventions and cures for these cancers.

20% of the revenue on the Angel Noir Precision Liquid Eyeliner Pen will be donated to Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation and their efforts to fund blood cancer research. It’s a fun way to give back, fight cancer, and be glamorous, all at once!



The Do's and Don'ts of Liquid Eyeliner Application:

The Do's ...

Step 1: Uncap the Liner Pen!

Step 2: (This one’s important)!  Instead of using the point of the felt pen to draw a fine line, as you would on a piece of paper, relax the Precision Liquid Eyeliner Pen on it's side, horizontally, so that it is resting flat on top of your eyelashes. 

Step 3:  Now, gently stuff the flat side (not the tip) of the inky pen into the base of your eyelashes, applying just enough pressure so that the black pigment will deposit into the eyelash line. The pigment will appear as a little black dash-line.

Step 4:  Repeat the process, until all of the little dashes have been connected all across the eyelash line.

Tip: In order to elongate the eye, for a more beautiful and arresting appearance, extend the dash lines all the way to the inner corner, and all the way to the outer corner (rather than doing half of the eye). For a more natural look, there is no need to extend beyond the outer corner to create a "wing". The winged liner look is fun, but not regarded as an “everyday” look. The technique of discreetly hiding the black ink in between the eyelashes eliminates the need for a harshly drawn line, and furthermore, creates a beautiful contrast with your eye color. The intensity of the black pigment makes the whites of the eye appear brighter and adds a youthful twinkle to the eye. Discretion is key; hiding the liner within the lashes, making them appear vivid and shiny, exciting, but natural.

Tip: To increase the perceived volume of your lashes, there is a makeup artist trick that helps to leverage this illusion. Once you have applied and connected the dash-lines on top of your eyelashes, repeat this exercise beneath the upper lashes as well, inside the water-line. The objective is to eliminate the gaps in between the lashes, so that there is no visible skin poking through the elegant row of lashes.

Tip: To intensify, repeat Steps 1-4 until you are satisfied with the level of depth. When applying the little dash-lines, if you gently tap the felt liner on the lash line multiple times, the intensity of the black pigment will increase, creating a truly breathtaking result.

The Don'ts ...

Do not yank your tender eyelid in order to draw your eyeliner!

Do not draw your eyeliner! There is a 100% chance that it's going to look terrible!



This process was designed to eliminate the need for technical skill. Connecting a few dash-lines on top of the lashes can quickly create the illusion of a perfectly straight line. “Drawing” eyeliner, however, is very difficult and requires great talent and even better 20/20 vision! Comparatively, connecting little dash-lines on top of the eyelashes is universally easier. This is the sort of technique that as soon as you try it, you can become the master of it at once.

Give it a go! 😊




Linda B

Mikey! I’m so happy that you’re writing a beauty blog! And of course, it’s erudite and fun! I still struggle with eye shadow, but this eyeliner technique you taught me many moons ago at Neiman Marcus will stay with me until doomsday! I never thought I would master anything related to makeup, but this truly changed my life! -Cheers!

Mikey Castillo

Hi Busterbird (!),
When you “draw” eyeliner on (by dragging the pen across the eye), there’s a high likelihood that there will be little mistakes to tidy up. In these instances, a pointy Q-tip is very handy. If the black ink is already dry, you might have to dip the pointy Q-tip in a little eye makeup remover or micellar water.
With the technique described in my Beauty Blog, visible mistakes are considerably less likely, as the ink is basically being tucked into the eyelash line (making a faux-pas impossible to detect). Also, the Le Metier de Beaute ink is fairly easy to simply push into the eyelashes with a Q-tip (and even your fingers). The carbon & water formula doesn’t dry down hard like nail polish and then flake off. It’s very soluble and easy to use. :)


Hi Mikey! As a devotee of the ancient-eyeliner-tradition from the Indian subcontinent, I can attest that the technique you describe above is indeed used in India for decades, if not hundreds of years! Horizontally positioning the khol-liner is the way to go! And I was taught that as a teen growing up in the states by an Indian relative. The horizontal technique delivers the smoothest line and doesn’t tug on the lid, which overtime, can cause micro lines, Heaven forbid! I’m so thankful that your posting about this wonderful secret to a great line! Avec Amour! LadySwan

Sydney Ryan

Mikey!! I remember you taught me this method of eye lining at Liberty of London! I ended up buying a bunch of things I never got to use (as my daughters ended up pilfering everything!), but I kept the eyeliner pen for myself!! Thank you for the brilliant video, I really needed a refresher (and it brought back a lovely memory)!


Thank you, Mikey! One question – I often still manage to make a “mistake” and get eyeliner where I don’t want it. What is the best way to clean it up and try again? Thanks again. Going to try out the technique right now!

Esme Miller

I tried for years to draw liquid eyeliner, and although I had my good days, mostly it did look terrible! But now I swear by this technique! My friends think I’m an eyeliner whisperer! It always comes out flawless now, and I’m not bragging when I say that I can do it with my eyes closed! This my favorite liquid eyeliner!

Mary Bertozzi

I remember you taught me this liquid eyeliner technique ages ago at Bergdorf Goodman! I never forgot it and afterwards I passed this little gem of information forward to everyone that I’ve ever met! I was on a business trip in New York City and needed a pick-me-up! It really upped my makeup game!!! Thanks Mikey!

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