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The Era of Restoration Eye Kaleidoscope

Elegant, polished, refined

Le Métier de Beauté, inspired by the era of elegance and resurgence, proudly presents:

The Era of Restoration Eye Kaleidoscope

To celebrate The Era of Restoration, we are offering a special gift: Immortal, our new creamy and indelible, pre-eyeshadow base. The perfect companion to powder shadows for long-wearing, crease-proof eye makeup.

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Presenting the original crafted formula created by Le Métier de Beauté: The greatest distinctions are a uniquely buttery finish and unparalleled sensual texture with each shade yielding a brilliant color resonance. More effortless than ever before, the eyeshadows will melt and blend seamlessly onto skin -- exactly what one would expect from a bespoke brand.

The era refers to the restoring of the monarchy to Great Britain whilst in the throes of the 17th Century. The coronation of Charles II to the throne was swiftly followed by an age that became known, forever after, as The Restoration. The burgeoning effect on history left by this period expanded far beyond the shores of England. It imbued the world with an unforgettable legacy of art, beauty and craftsmanship; an era that ushered in a period of such great opulence and style that it yielded an undying scope of artistic influence. Traversing the centuries to the modern day, the effect on many creative fields (including architecture, sculpture, literature, color and design), continue to endure and enthrall.

With the return of the exiled king and his court, the new era led to a tidy replacement of the prior regime of dullards, as the tedium of austerity was exchanged for magnificence and opulence. The Crown and his courtiers, having spent their years of exile abroad, brought back what they had experienced, not only with their eyes and ears, but with their hearts. New and exciting artistic influences of the day were introduced, reinvigorating society en masse through the medium of art.

Rococo: a shimmering rose-gold

Caravaggio: a gilded embroidery of coppery gold

Baroque: a neutral tapestry of sumptuous taupe

Vivaldi: a jewel-toned aubergine

  • Contains four gorgeously curated shades
  • Shadows are separated in tiers, stays clean
  • Universally flattering to all eye colors
  • Resists creasing, flexes with skin
  • The blended smokey hues intensify the eye color and create contrast

"For Couches de Couleur, the proprietary eyeshadow technique of Le Métier de Beauté: Once the eyeshadow powder is packed on the bristles, reverse the brush upside down on the eyelid (where the tip of the brush is pointing towards the eyelashes), and begin to deposit the color along the base of the eye.

It is important that the intensity of the color be strongest at the base, closest to the eyelashes. Once the color has been placed at the base along the eyelid, balanced from outer to inner corner, begin to drag the bristles upwards.

The color should appear to be evaporating like a little cloud of smoke from bottom to top. Continue with subsequent shades in the same method, so that the colors begin to blur together, creating an illusion of depth and mystery."

Mikey Castillo

Creative Director

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