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Signature Eye Kaleidoscope
Signature Eye Kaleidoscope

Signature Eye Kaleidoscope

Elegant, polished, refined

Signature Eye Kaleidoscope

The particulars of how and when to wield a smoky eye look provides an infinite source of ceaseless fascination. Firstly, smoky eyes are appropriate anytime, as the look is not limited to black eyeshadow. A smoky eye look simply means that the pigments appear to evaporate like a cloud of smoke from the smoldering base of rich eyelashes!

- Mikey Castillo, Creative Director

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A deliberately curated collection of our most warmly embraced eyeshadow colors that are so universal, they can serve as a wardrobe staple for any occasion, anywhere in the world. The four shades can be applied independently but are designed to be worn together in gossamer layers to create a subtle but stunning contrast with the human eye.

Different hues, whether warm or cool, can inspire a kaleidoscope of emotions in the human heart, and within those color distinctions there are as many intents and purposes that abound. Color theory is made up of those particulars and distinctions, it is based on the observed contrast between light and dark, warm and cool, sunrise and sunset. Those perceived distinctions rely entirely on the experiential emotion they inspire. Color can convey secret messages of happiness and energy, seriousness and sobriety, as well as masculine and feminine.

The purpose and intent of our Kaleidoscope is to serve those distinctions. The colors are selected purposefully to serve the wearer and create contrast with the human eye, and not as a fleeting fad or ephemeral fashion color that is only popular for a season or moment in time. Each hue has a raison d’etre (a reason for being). This allows for the shadows to bring forward the beautiful details of the wearer’s eyes, rather than merely bringing forward the eyeshadows themselves. The look is elegant, polished and refined.

Made in the USA

Silk: a diaphanous buttercream color as a canvas from lash to brow.

Taffeta: a slightly effervescing champagne beige color for femininity.

Angora: a burnished, rose-tan for contrast or crease color.

Gabardine: a smoky burgundy for depth and mystery.

  • Contains four gorgeously curated shades
  • Shadows are separated in tiers, stays clean
  • Universally flattering to all eye colors
  • Resists creasing, flexes with skin
  • The blended smokey hues intensify the eye color and create contrast

For Couches de Couleur, the proprietary eyeshadow technique of Le Métier de Beauté: Once the eyeshadow powder is packed on the bristles, reverse the brush upside down on the eyelid (where the tip of the brush is pointing towards the eyelashes), and begin to deposit the color along the base of the eye.

It is important that the intensity of the color be strongest at the base, closest to the eyelashes. Once the color has been placed at the base along the eyelid, balanced from outer to inner corner, begin to drag the bristles upwards.

The color should appear to be evaporating like a little cloud of smoke from bottom to top. Continue with subsequent shades in the same method, so that the colors begin to blur together, creating an illusion of depth and mystery.

Mikey Castillo

Creative Director