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Brush With Perfection

The trinity of flawless complexions: Brush, Prime and Tint!
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Light with golden undertones
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This special value set is not eligible for an additional discount.

This special set for only $195:

  • Peau Vierge Brush
    Made in Japan
    Vegan fibers

    The Peau Vierge Brush features an innovative design to effortlessly apply your foundation. Fashioned in Japan, the luxuriously soft, Vegan bristles impart fastidious product pickup and flawless application. The shortened, ergonomic handle and the uniquely slanted edge design feature a densely packed cushion of fibers to comfort the skin as they smooth, blend and contour your foundation, creating a veil of seamless coverage throughout.

  • Longevity Serum Makeup Primer

    A luminous foundation primer that also acts as an antioxidant facial serum, increasing the longevity of your makeup.

    Powered by 1% Resveratrol, (a powerful anti-inflammatory polyphenol compound), this radiant primer/serum can boost brightening and help to reduce redness whilst optimizing the longevity of foundational makeup products such as tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation, concealer or face powder. Designed to impart a beautiful and luminous glow to the skin on contact, the primer cushions the skin with soft-focus ingredients that instantly diminish the appearance of imperfections, filling in the tiny network of pores and fine lines to prepare the skin for your favorite makeup.

    Whether you wear it under foundation or just by itself, the impressive combination of Resveratrol, Vitamin E and Chamomile all conspicuously conspire to leave the skin looking incandescent, polished and radiant.

  • Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe

    Offering sheer, lightweight coverage, Peau Vierge provides a gentle wash of color with a luminous finish. The formula feels like second skin with a gossamer-like texture. The delicate light-diffusing pigments help fade away the appearance of lines and wrinkles, instantly imparting a renewed radiance and healthy appearance to the skin.

    The luxurious tinted foundation is also a treatment fluid. The gentle ingredients help to stimulate collagen production, increase blood flow, diminish dark circles, smooth fine lines, blur blemishes and makes pores appear smaller within a week of once-daily use. Containing a refined measure of retinol, known for its ability to smooth and plump wrinkles from deep below the skin’s surface, the gentle formula stimulates cell rejuvenation to help restore elasticity back to skin. It is the very definition of anti-aging, housed in a radiant foundational makeup.

    Peau Vierge provides a modern tinted coverage that appears dewy and radiant. The idea is to harness light diffusing ingredients to blur imperfections, rather than masking them. Because the finish is not opaque, the pigments can serve a wider variety of skin tones within each shade.

The dullard look is out and the radiant look is in! Luminosity is the hallmark of modern makeup and it’s all about effervescing (like a glass of Champagne)! The primer that increases the longevity of your radiant foundation now begins with a luminous serum. A perfect pairing!

- Mikey Castillo, Creative Director

Shade 0: Light with golden undertones

Shade 1: Light with neutral undertones

Shade 2: Light medium with neutral beige undertones

Shade 2.5: The previous version of Shade 2 (Light medium with golden beige undertones)

Shade 3: Medium with neutral undertones

Shade 4: Medium with olive undertones

Shade 5: Medium deep with golden undertones

Peau Vierge Brush application:

After skincare and primer, pour a small amount of foundation onto the back of your hand and dip the bristles of the Peau Vierge Brush into the foundation. Begin in the center of the face, smoothing the product outwards using a gentle buffing motion. Maneuver the contoured edge of the brush around the tiny corners and edges of the nose as well as above and beneath the eyes.

Peau Vierge application:

Evenly apply the Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe to the face and neck once daily, gently smoothing with fingers or the Peau Vierge Brush until blended.

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